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a music album featuring swiss german lyrics.

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züri staz. recorded and mixed 98/11..99/5 by jerro at spacebop studios dielsdorf.
los mer zue. lyrics and music: jerro, 98/10.
schpilhus. lyrics and music: jerro, 97/6..9.
herdöpfel. lyrics and music: zufi, 79.
gruvi beibi. lyrics and music: jerro, 99/2.
vorgschmack. improvisation: zufi & jerro, 99/4.
de flug. text: jerro, 97/2/18.
d miriam. lyrics and music: jerro, 98/10..12.
billoweg. lyrics and music: jerro, 98/2.
immer nur du. lyrics and music: jerro, 97/3.
füür im schnee. lyrics and music: jerro, 98/7..10.
schwarzi nacht. lyrics and music: Jerro, 97/5..8.
leri wort. lyrics and music: jerro, 98..99.
los nomal. lyrics and music: Jerro, 98/11.

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